Looking for a structured for long term STEM programme to give your child a head start? The Genius Coder Programme is a weekly coding class that is your child’s first step towards an engaging and holistic technological education journey.

Our classes are designed to impart Code Literacy and Computational Thinking principles and skills to our youth. With our structured programme based on the ICT framework and our well-honed pedagogy, your child will be introduced to an exciting variety of subjects.


Why should your child learn coding?

Coding opens the doors to imagination and innovation: kids experiment, employ whole-brain thinking and develop the confidence to create. With the rise of automation and artificial intelligence, the need for code literacy and computational thinking will expand beyond technological industries to become a necessary core competency of the 21st century.

Age requirements Age 6-16
Locations Novena
City Hall
Class Size Small classes with 1:3 Teacher-Student ratio
Lesson Structure A module = 1 hour 30 mins lesson time
A subject = 12 to 24 modules
A semester = 1 to 2 subjects
Full programme = 6 semesters
Dates & Times Every Saturday or Sunday
  • 09.00am - 10.30am
  • 10.30am - 12.00pm
  • 01.00pm - 02.30pm
  • 02.30pm - 04.00pm
  • 04.00pm - 05.30pm
Fees Monthly (4 Lessons): $285 + $50 (Registration fee)
Semester (24 Lessons): $1625 (Original: $1710) + $50 (Registration fee)
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Why learn coding with us?

Trusted by over 100 schools and the pioneer of a truly holistic, long-term, student-centric coding enrichment programme.

Roboto Coding Academy’s curriculum has been tried – and – tested in over 100 schools by MOE -registered trainers while our student-centric pedagogy has been proven to develop creative, inspired and self – directed learners. But hey, don’t take our word for it, let our students tell you all about it.


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Embark on your customized coding journey

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Let Your Child’s Code Come to Life!

Our Genius Coder Programme offers an extensive and holistic subject library. The topics taught range from basic programming using Scratch Jr to Computer Science taught with Python and C++. Our student-centric pedagogy ensures every child can learn every topic at their own comfortable pace.

Every child learns at their own pace with our Personalized Curriculum Roadmap

To better cater to everyone’s interest, aptitude, and background, the EPIC pedagogy utilizes a fully customizable, ultra-modular approach to build a Personalized Curriculum Roadmap that is both Progressive and Engaging

Our Subject Modules are designed at 4 progressive competency levels: Junior, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, to cater for a conducive and effective learning environment for each student.

Here is an example of a Curriculum Roadmap. Your child’s personal Curriculum Roadmap will be developed in consultation with parents, students and education and technology professionals after the free trial.

What our students say

Roboto Coding Academy’s Genius Coder Programme

Genius Coder programme with Roboto Coding Academy

Roboto Coding Academy’s Genius Coder Programme


The Genius Coder Programme’s personal coaching environment allows instructors to have a deep understanding of your child’s learning progression. Students get to learn at their own pace while being continuously challenged.

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