WD.0.1. Web Developer Jr with WordPress

Platform: WordPress

This course introduces the open source website creation tool, ideal for teaching web development to your young one, allowing your young ones to explore the different aspects of a website. As the students design their own projects, they learn to customize and create their own content.


WD.1.1. Web Developer Basic with HTML & CSS

Platform: HTML & CSS

In this course, learners will use the standard markup language (HTML) to define the structure of a webpage. Students will learn to create and innovate their own website using HTML with the help of CSS, a style sheet language used to beautify layouts and content of a webpage.

WD.2.2. Web Developer Intermediate with Bootstrap.

Platform: Bootstrap

Take your web creation abilities to the next level with Bootstrap, which enables students to stretch their creativity and construct their own webpage. With Bootstrap, students will learn and manage the complexities involved in the creation of a webpage, enhancing its appearance and user interface.

WD.3.1. Web Developer Advanced with JavaScript

Platform: JavaScript

In this advanced web development module, students will learn JavaScript to make their website more interactive, opening doors to greater web creation possibilities.