TechWhizz (5 Half Day – PM)

Age: 9 – 13 Years old

Date: 18 – 22 November or 25 – 29 November
Time: 1 PM – 4 PM

Price: $455.00 / $395.00*

* Discount will be given to Roboto
Students who refer a friend and
to newly registered students.


5 Half-day Camp

Day 1 – Robotics

Build a robot from scratch and through the process gain knowledge of various electronic modules and structures. Children will program their robot, making it come alive using codes and enables it to traverse obstacles and overcome various challenges.

Learning Outcomes:
Children will get to construct their own robot, program it and be able to hone their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Day 2 – Smart  Automation

If you are looking to ignite your child with a passion for building and assembling things, a robotic arm will be an excellent option. It will help your child develops some skills and background in electronics.

Learning Outcomes:
Focusing more on automation which incorporates block-based coding and integrating it with a variety of sensors. Children will learn to code a robotic arm to be a ‘Smart Chef’.

Day 3 – [Game Design] Minecraft

It’s no secret that Minecraft is wildly popular, and has been so for some time. Children can’t possibly be learning from just playing, can they? Actually, they can and they will be! Minecraft enables players to build environments and tools that help them strategize, survive, and explore the game; its very design encourages creative thinking.

Learning Outcomes:

Children will get the chance to create world famous structures and their own survival game arena and also to code Minecraft mods.

Day 4 – Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is an interactive and immersive teaching method that employs technology to provide virtual scenarios to simulate situations that might occur in actual settings. VR at its best reveals new worlds and new perspectives that kids wouldn’t be able to experience in real life.

Learning Outcomes:

Children will create an ‘adventure’ in their own immersive 3D world using animation and storyboard. They will also learn how to apply physics such as friction and gravity to their VR world.

Day 5 – Drones

If you’re a parent, chances are you’ve been asked (or even pestered!) to buy your children a drone. Why not allow your child to get a chance to experience it and let their learning journey take flight through this cool devices?

Learning Outcomes:

Children will acquire knowledge on aerodynamics and drone flight mechanisms. They will learn to transport an object from one place to another. They will also code and program drones to ‘dance.