Government Funded Programmes

We are approved by IMDA and MOE to conduct a wide range of government funded programmes, such as ICM Learning Roadmaps and the Code for Fun (CFF) programme. As Singapore’s premier coding school, we are the vendor with the most educational programmes approved by IMDA.

ICM Roadmaps

ICM Learning Roadmaps for CCAs

Approved by IMDA to conduct the most courses for ICM Learning Roadmaps:

  • Web Developer Jr
  • Mobile App Developer Jr
  • Game Developer Jr
  • Business Analyst Jr
  • Roboticist Jr
  • Maker Jr

Over 100 ICMs held and planned to date


IMDA Code for Fun Programme (CFF)

Approved by IMDA to conduct all 4 CFF programmes:

  • Robotic block-based programming
  • Robotic syntax-based programming
  • Microcontroller block-based programming
  • Microcontroller syntax-based programming

Over 900 students have gone through our CFF lessons


MOE Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

Watch your students harness the power of Technology for a worthy cause by applying for an ALP with Roboto Coding Academy. Our programmes fall under various ALPs such as Coding, Technology, STEM, Electronics and more.



Customized Programmes for Schools

In addition to government funded programmes, Roboto Coding Academy offers a wide variety of educational STEM programmes to suit your school’s needs. Students will build up digital literacy alongside other 21st century competencies.


Code & Fly in Schools

Let your students take flight with our signature Code & Fly Drone Workshops and Programmes!


Bringing Code to Life

Introduce your students to coding in an exciting manner through our wide variety of Robotics Programmes!

App and Game Development

Programme Your Entertainment

Let your students create their very own animations, games, and mobile applications through our developmental coding programmes.


Smart Maker Projects

Watch your students code and create their very own smart devices with real-world applications.


Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Expand your students’ horizons through our cutting-edge augmented reality and virtual reality courses.

Competition Training

Give your School Team an Edge

Roboto Coding Academy provides competition training for numerous prestigious competitions, such as MakeX Singapore, the National Coding Championships, and 3D-Tronics.

First Steps into Coding

Roboto Coding Academy also has specialised programmes catered to younger students. Engaging and highly accessible platforms will be used to teach students coding fundamentals, while also nurturing their computational thinking and problem-solving skills.


Code Your First Robot

Let your students take their first step into coding and robotics by programming the friendly Dash robot to complete simple challenges.


Robotic Learning Companion

Photon is an interactive educational robot that grows with your students and introduces them to the world of new technologies through experiences and experiments.

Scratch Jr

Simplified Block-Based Coding

Inculcate code literacy and computational thinking with Scratch Jr’s intuitive block-based programming


We have previously partnered with prominent organisations such as Microsoft, NIE, and CapitaLand to provide various STEM related programmes. Have your organisation undergo a Digital Transformation with Roboto Coding Academy’s Teambuilding and Digital Literacy Workshops.


Tech-Enabled Teambuilding Workshops

Increase your company’s cohesion and digital literacy with our various unique tech-enabled teambuilding workshops!

Big Data

Big Data & Data Analytics Digital Literacy Workshop

The rise of Big Data & Data Analytics will affect every organisation – prepare your team for the future through our introductory Big Data & Data Analytics Digital Literacy Workshop.

AI & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Digital Literacy Workshop

Augment your thinking with our Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Workshop. Participants will gain a greater understanding of AI & Machine Learning and how it can supercharge your organisation’s decision making and streamline your work processes.

App Development

Mobile App Development Digital Literacy Workshop

Give your team a better understanding of mobile media and mobile applications through our App Development Digital Literacy Workshop.

Competition/Event Organisation

Co-host your events with Us!

In addition to other events, we have co-organised Microthon in conjunction with Microsoft and Ideas Hub UWCSEA since 2017. Some of our past partners include MediaCorp, the National Library Board, and CapitaLand. Approach us to co-organise your competition or event today!


Basic Coding Workshop

Become a code-literate and future-ready organisation with our basic coding course.

Reaching Out to Communities

At Roboto Coding Academy, we believe that everyone should be digitally literate. We partner with governmental organisations and corporate entities to help beneficiaries of all ages and from all walks of life upskill and gain digital literacy.

Digital Makers

Bringing Coding to the Grassroots

Roboto Coding Academy has reached out to the community through engagement with retiree groups, corporate CSR arms and social enterprises

Seniors for Smart Nation

Digital Pioneers

Roboto Coding Academy is approved to provide digital literacy workshops and classes at community centres under People’s Association’s Seniors For Smart Nation programme

Dads for Life

Parent-Child Workshops

Strengthen family bonds with Roboto Coding Academy’s educational and family friendly parent-child workshops.

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