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Robots at Work with Dash

Full Day Camp
Total 9 hours
Lunch provided
1 : 3 Teacher to Student Ratio
Class Size: 5 - 10
Fees: S$ 380

Camp Venues
Roboto @ Novena
161B Thomson Road
Goldhill Centre
Singapore 307614

19th March 2019
8:30am - 5:30pm

Course Overview

Learn the basic principles of coding through interactive play with Dash & Dot.

Dash & Dot are cute and versatile robots that allow kids to learn coding through fun and games.

Program Dash to execute your command and react accordingly to the program that you have written to achieve the mission.

Cultivate deeper aspects of Computational Thinking by analyzing the game, formulating the program and seeing it play out in reality.


Dash Robot

Dot Robot

Blocky Software

Learning Outcome

• Analyze a real-world situation, break it down & devise a solution

• Pseudo Code

• Code Blocks

• Use different sets of commands to program your robots to achieve increasingly challenging goals


What is Dash Robot?

Dash is a robot made to teach computer coding to young children. They will learn how to write code with Blocky software and control the robot.

Do I need to buy any equipment for the classes?

No. Dash robot and tablets will be provided by us.


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