RS.0.1. Robotics Junior with Dash

Platform: Dash

Students will learn to code and interact robot with anything but a mundane personality. Dash transforms virtual codes by students into tangible experiences, with its interactions and multitude of sensors.

RS.0.2. Robotics Junior with Lego WeDo

Platform: Lego WeDo

In this module, students will learn of robotics combined with the modular aspects of Lego. Learners develop their problem solving skills and computational thinking as they traverse the various obstacles set up for them.

RS.1.1. Robotics Basic with mBot

Platform: mBot

Built with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education in mind, this course teaches students to build and code their personal robot. With numerous electronic modules to explore and various science concepts behind them, learners can experience the endless joys of creativity as they exercise their imagination and interact with principles from various disciplines.

“RS.2.1. Robotics Intermediate with mBot Competition

Platform: mBot

Welcome to the world of competitive robotics, where you will be challenged in terms of robotics design and technology. As students prepare and practice for the MakeX Competition, their problem solving skills and flexibility will be expanded.

RS.2.2. Robotics Intermediate with Ultimate 2.0

Platform: Ultimate 2.0

An advanced robotics course that serves to challenge the creativity of students to ideate purposeful solutions in solving problems. Students set out to frame and solve challenges as they navigate the fields of mechanical design, advanced electronics and programming.

RS.2.3. Robotics Intermediate with Lego EV3

Platform: Lego Mindstorms EV3

In this module, students go more in-depth into robotics programming with the LEGO Mindstorms EV3. With a host of complex robotic builds and intricate program structures, the EV3 curriculum offers great learning value for students keen on robotics.

RS.3.1. Robotics Advanced with Industrial Robotic Arms

Platform: Industrial Robotic Arms

A highly programmable robotic arm, that brings to forefront the concept of Industry 4.0. In this course, students will explore the potential of collaborative robotics and its promises for a productivity multiplier. As students delve deeper into the field of robotics, they will come to realize how robotics is applied in real world workspaces.