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Roboticist (Basic)

Weekly Classes
1 Lesson per Week
1.5 Hours per Lesson
1 : 3 Teacher to Student Ratio
Class Size: 5 - 10

Class Venue 1
Singapore Management University
81 Victoria Street
Singapore 188065
Class Venue 2
United World College - East Campus
1 Tampines Street 73
Singapore 528704
Class Venue 3
Goldhill Centre
161B Thomson Road
Singapore 307614
Class Venue 4
Parkway Centre
#02-05 1 Marine Parade Central
1 Tampines Street 73
Singapore 449408

Timing Available:
Sat or Sun
9 am - 10.30 am
10.45 - 12.15 pm
1pm - 2.30 pm
2.45 - 4.15 pm
4.30pm - 6pm

Course Overview

Roboticist - Basic explores the application aspects of coding, allowing participants to learn how to build a robot from scratch.
Participants will learn block-based coding using BBC Micro:Bit to integrate motors and servos into a programmable robot. Through the process, they will make robots such as:
 Robot Arm
 Draw Bot
 Robot Racer

They will learn how to use sensor readings to create logical and automated responses of their robot. This course includes interesting and engaging projects.

Learning Outcome

Understand fundamentals of robotics
Build a robot from scratch.
Code robotic applications

Achieve Roboticist Jr Level 4 Competency.
(curriculum guided by IMDA ICT Learning Roadmap)

Level 1:
Build a simple robot.
Program the robot to obey 1 command from you.

Level 2:
Enhance a robot that you built with at least 1 additional input/sensor.
Program the robot to react to the information from the inputs/sensors.

Level 3:
Program a robot that you built to perform at least one sequence of actions that accomplishes a task.
Ensure that the accomplished task involves some form of movement from the robot with decision-making based on information from at least 1 sensor.

Level 4:
Program a robot that you built to perform a sequence of actions that accomplishes a task which requires higher order decision-making capabilities.
Ensure that the accomplished task should involve the use of information from at least 3 different types of sensors for analysis and to plan the robot’s reactions/movements accordingly.

Q1: What is the Robot set used?

Participants will build robots using Micro:Bit as the main brain. Robotic kit set such as chassis, wheels, motor driver board and sensors are also used in the lessons to enhance the robot.

Q2: What is ICT Learning Roadmap from IMDA?

An ICT Learning Roadmap has been developed as a guide in structuring progressive ICT training in various domains. It guides interested students who aspire towards various areas of learning.

Q3: Do I have to buy equipment to attend the lessons?

Absolutely not. All robot kits is provided by Roboto Academy. The robot set and end product built are meant for your children to keep and further practises at home.