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Chapter 1

Introduction to Micro:Bit

Get started with your BBC micro:bit and learn how to program gadgets and devices.

This introduction will walk you through the basics of handling the Micro:Bit.

• How to power it up
• Connecting Micro:Bit to your PC/Laptop
• Write a simple code
• Download the code written to the Micro:Bit
• Basic features of Micro:Bit

Duration: 30 mins

introduction to micro bit

What You Need

1 x BBC micro:bit
1 x AAA battery pack
1 x USB to MicroUSB cable
1 x Laptop/PC
1 x Micro:Bit Auto Uploader (Software)

micro bit
usb cable
battery pack

Write Codes!

Click on the below link to access Microsoft PXT (Programming Experience Toolkit).


From the Basic panel, build a simple code like this below. Click on the "Basic" palette and drag the code blocks to the script area. These codes will make the Micro:Bit scrolls the word “Hello!” on the LED screen.

You can observe the behaviour of the codes on the virtual simulator Micro:Bit.

intro code block
microsoft PXT

Launching Micro:Bits Auto Uploader

To download the codes to the Micro:Bits, the software will generate a HEX file. The HEX file need to be transferred to the Micro:Bits device (copy-paste) like transferring a file to a thumbdrive.

To avoid the hassle, we can use the Micro:Bits Auto Uploader. You can download the program from the link below.

Open the Auto Uploader and then leave it running. It will do its job by itself.

microbit auto uploader

Connecting Micro:Bit to PC/Laptop

Yes, you are going to fire up your Micro:Bit now.

Connect the Micro:Bits to the PC/laptop via the USB cable.

You can see the Micro:Bits appearing in your window explore like a thumbdrive and also the light blinking at the back of the Micro:Bit

USB connect to microbit

Download Codes to Micro:Bit

Click on the Download button to generate the HEX file of your written codes.

Since we got the Auto Uploader running, it will automatically transfer the file to your Micro:Bit once you hit the Download Button.

Do not disconnect the Micro:Bit during the transfer.

Once the transfer is completed, you can see your codes running on the Micro:Bit physically.

download code to microbit
ready code running

Running on Battery

Micro:Bit can get its power supply from the USB cable and also the Battery port.

We will disconnect the USB cable from the Micro:Bit and connect the Battery pack to the battery port.

The codes transferred to the Micro:Bit will stay with it even if the USB cable is disconnected.

Once the battery is connected, the Micro:Bits will restart and then you can see the same code running on it.

micro bit connect to battery
micro bit running on battery


You have programmed your first Micro:Bit!