MR.0.1. Digital Maker Junior with Neuron

Platform: Neuron

Comprising over 30 electronic blocks, Neuron makes students’ codes a reality. This junior course provides the stimuli required to keep young learners focused as they take their first steps on their digital making journey. Student will build and code, absorbing various Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) values.

MR.1.1. Digital Maker Basic with Micro:Bit

Platform: Micro:Bit

A handheld, programmable micro-computer that boasts infinite configurations. Loaded with multiple sensors, students are exposed to interdisciplinary fields as they build, code and solve challenges.

MR.3.1. Digital Maker Advanced with Raspberry Pi

Platform: Raspberry Pi

A portable micro-computer that places the ability of programming and digital making into the hands of students. In this course, learners will utilise Python language to code for their micro-computer and design cyber-physical projects, empowering them to be the next generation of digital creators.