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Digital Maker Programme

IMDA will introduce digital making to schools by providing all interested primary and secondary schools with Micro:bits for up to one level of students when they sign up for the programme. Find out more on website.

Schools can decide which level they would like to introduce the Micro:bit to (e.g. for a specific level or rotate across levels each term) and how they may want to use it (e.g. for their Design & Technology lessons or Applied Learning programmes). Find out more here.

With several IMDA-funded Micro:Bit-based courses under the CFF and ICM Learning Roadmap programme, we are well-poised to help teachers and schools get the best out of your digital making experience.

Please email us at to find out more.

Micro Bit Learning Kits

To enhance the fun and learning effectiveness for the schools after receiving the micro bits provided by IMDA, Roboto Academy provides learning kits set specially designed for micro bits usage.

With the learning kits, teachers can easily deploy guided projects as well as bringing up students' creative making spirits with the micro bit expanded capabilities.

Training for Teachers & Students

Roboto Academy is the first to conduct micro bit workhops in Singapore to students and schools. We started our journey with Micro Bit since Sept 2016.

With our vast experiences in delivering micro bit courses, we are confident to provide the most qualified training courses to your school.

We are also an approved vendor by IMDA under Code For Fun and ICM Learning Roadmap programme for delivering micro:bit-based maker and robotics courses.

Curriculum Integration

We provide consultation services to schools to infuse technology learning into everyday lessons.

Micro Bit provided by IMDA can be integrated into many subjects ranging from Science, Geography to Design & Technology etc.

Micro Bit Competition

We have a great time at Microthon 2017 (Singapore first Micro:Bit competition) organized by Ideas Hub (UWC South East Asia - Main Campus)

Congratulation to the winning team from Pathlight school! Looking forward to see more innovations from the students.

Roboto Academy is the appointed consultant to the organizing commitees.

Learn More about Microthon Competition