“Think you got what it takes to be a Hero? Take up the challenge Roboto Coding Academy’s unique 5-day Beginner Coding Camp. Create your own game and world with you at its center!  Code and command your robot to solve puzzles and overcome challenges Designed to excite young minds, the program allows one to explore the heroic potentials of coding in a short amount of time.”


Develop and enhance computational thinking skills suited for Problem Solving:
⦁ Decomposition
⦁ Pattern recognition
⦁ Abstraction
⦁ Algorithm design
Greater understanding of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) topics
Teamworking principles
Mobile application development
Game & Animation design
Virtual Reality Creation




Build and program your personal robot that responds to your commands as you execute rescues.
Code your very own game with you as its main character and share it with others Build and Mod your world to take on baddies in Minecraft Craft a virtual world that with you at the center, as you save the day.

Roam with Dash

Roam with Dash

In this workshop, participants can witness their codes come to life as Dash robot transforms virtual codes into tangible experiences, with its interactions and a multitude of sensors.

Coding for Dash

Dash in action

Robotics with Lego WeDo

In this workshop, students will explore with robots that combine the modular aspects of Lego and robotics. Students develop problem-solving skills and computational thinking as they traverse the various obstacles set up for them.

Floodgate with Lego WeDo

Pull-robot for pulling objects

Game Wizard with Scratch

Through this workshop, participants will use a coding language and platform that introduces programming with just the right amount of fun and technicality for your young ones. As participants explore its functionalities, they learn to think systematically and creatively.

Soccer game created using Scratch

Music player and animation by Scratch


Loved by many, participants will be taught to code directly for their personal Minecraft world.
As participants create for a world of blocks with block coding, they will learn of the skills necessary as a creative.

Coding for Minecraft

Making it rain chickens

Virtual World Creation

Gone are the days where we are restricted by what we have. With Cospaces, a virtual and augmented reality creation tool, participants can try their hands at building and animating a virtual reality as they create to educate

VR Adventure Game

VR Dance Party