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Code For Fun

Roboto Academy is appointed by Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) as an Infocomm Club Appointed Vendor (ICAV), to conduct Code For Fun Courses from 22 Feb 2017 to 31 Dec 2019.

Suitable for students with little to no background, educators are able to get up to 70% funding for Robotics or Micro-Controller training for multiple classes or cohorts in their school.

Both block-based and syntax-based learning is available for students of different levels.

For course enquiries and potential funding, please email us at

For details on each course, please see below.

Micro-Controller Track

The Micro-Controller track explores the maker aspect of coding, where participants learn to code gadgets and electronics.

Learning will be done using code blocks or syntax, and the programs are transferred to a Micro:Bit. They will explore the fundamentals of coding such as sequences, loop, signal output etc.

Utilising various input sensors, output parts and peripherals, participants will build their own devices like:

• Digital thermometer
• Magnetic compass
• Traffic light
• Dice
• Light detector
• Musical box
• Fire Alarm System
• Strength Detector
• Rock, Paper, Scissors
• Timer
• Sprite Chaser

The final stage of the programme involves the participants starting off their own personal projects.

Robotics Track

The Robotics track explores the application aspects of coding, allowing participants to learn how to build a robot from scratch.

Participants will learn block-based or syntax coding, using a Micro:Bit to integrate motors and servos into a programmemable robot. Through this process, they will learn coding fundamentals such as:

• Sequences
• Inputs / Outputs
• Loops
• Conditionals
• Boolean Logic
• Variables
• Arrays
• Nested functions
• Operators

Utilising sensors, motors, servos and peripherals, they will learn how to program functional robots that are personally customized. The final stage of the programme involves the participants completing challenges in manoeuvring their personal robots.

Micro Bit Competition

We have a great time at Microthon 2017 (Singapore first Micro:Bit competition) organized by Ideas Hub (UWC South East Asia - Main Campus)

Congratulation to the winning team from Pathlight school! Looking forward to see more innovations from the students.

Roboto Academy is the appointed consultant to the organizing commitees.

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