18Apr, 2019

library @harbourfront grand opening

Code and Build with E-blocks!   In collaboration with the National Library Board (NLB), Roboto Coding Academy presents the first instalment of ‘Coding Fun with Zecky’–a free parent-child coding workshop that explores coding and STEAM topics using the latest child-friendly …

11Mar, 2019

Computational Thinking

Why your child needs Computational Thinking skills You might have heard of Computational Thinking. It’s a buzzword floating around science and tech communities, and even amongst parents and educators these days. To understand the hype, let’s dive into what Computational …

01Jan, 2019

Apple Drone Workshop

Fly a Drone Using Code! Flying a drone without a remote control? No problem. We can do that through code! In collaboration with Apple Orchard, Roboto Coding Academy presented ‘Kids Hour: Fly a Drone Using Code with Roboto Coding Academy’ …